My Book Bag

From time to time, I want to share books from my own book bag with you here –  “around the table.”  This is what I have in my book bag today:



I’ve read so many “Best Books of 2011” lists since January – and discovered so many titles I might otherwise have missed – that I’d like to share my list of nine favorite poetry books for children in 2011.  I chose them based on the craftsmanship behind the poems themselves, the beauty and delight of their illustrations, and the kid appeal (or, sometimes, teacher appeal – though hopefully both) of the whole package. Above are cover images – just click on those for larger images.  And click on titles in the list below to read more about them at – I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

If you’re interested in these books – either as a reader or a writer –  be sure to follow Sylvia Vardell’s wonderful blog, Poetry for Children as well as Librarians’ Choices, the blog project headed up by Ms. Vardell, where you’ll find a Master List of worthy poetry titles for kids, put together by librarians around the country. And visit blogs of people who participate in Poetry Friday from week to week – you’ll find a list of people who host the Poetry Friday Round-Up through June over at A Year of Reading.

Illustration by Mark A. Hicks

7 responses to “My Book Bag

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  2. Julie–I’m excited to be on your list! Having served on the Cybils with you, I know you’re a tough reader with so much passion for poetry and with very high expectations. And what a great list it is–I adore several of these books already, have a couple of them on order, and just added the other 2 to my TBR list.

    • Yes, Laura – We’re judging-committee survivors! That was an interesting experiment in consensus-building, wasn’t it?

  3. thank you so much for the reminder of the power of children’s poetry plus the great list of new books!

  4. I can’t wait to add the ones I haven’t read here to my reading list! Thank you for sharing the contents of your bag with us.

  5. I had never seen the Yoga poetry book, so thank you for sharing that. I came across Rainy Day Poems and thought that it was based out of the Hindu culture at first, as well, but no such luck. However, it was still a really good book.

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