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The article I read recently that got me thinking about handwriting: The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting and Why It Still Matters

Script and Scribble, by Kitty Burns Florey, a book that Julie Paschkis gave me because I talked with her about the above article (and yes, I know Julie’s handwriting quite well).


2 responses to “Handwritten

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mandolin mishap, M!
    Thank you for the links. Your post resonates (once again) with me. Often handwriting gets elbowed out of the curriculum, as it competes for time with other things, but I make time for it because I believe it is so important. Interestingly, the four students I have from other countries this year (Japan, China and Russia) all have beautiful handwriting and fine motor skills in general. And you look at people’s penmanship from years past and it looks markedly different from today’s, generally speaking. Too much time on keyboards, handwriting not properly taught in schools or valued by society…?

    • Thank you Julie! I agree that learning handwriting at an early age is important. Penmanship used to be considered a sign of well-mannered gentility and upright morals, which is perhaps why it has fallen out of favor in America, but I have also heard that handwriting develops neural pathways that simply learning the alphabet doesn’t. When I was in Japan in ’80/’81 I was amazed to see kindergarteners practicing calligraphy – with a brush! – and doing much better than I could (I was studying at pretty much the same level in my Japanese class), in spite of my art training. I can’t help but think that the importance the Japanese culture places on the art of handwriting (and craft in general) has a lot to do with the amount of exceptional design and engineering that comes out of Japan.

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