Richard Kehl

Richard Kehl

Richard Kehl is an artist, a reader, a wanderer and a wonderer. His pieces are gifts – letters from his mind, spirit and hand to ours. Today he is our guest blogger, contributing a group of images and a selection of  quotes. If you want to know more about how he works you can visit his studio via this blog post from Iskra Johnson. To see more of his work you can look in his books including Breathing On Your Own, It Takes A Long Time to Become Young, and How to Make A Zero Backwards. If you are in Seattle you can see the originals at Frederick Holmes and Company, a gallery in Pioneer Square.

Richard Kehl

Richard Kehl

All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen. (Sydney Lumet)

Richard Kehl It is a tremendous act of violence to begin anything. I am not able to begin. I simply skip what should be the beginning. (Rainier Maria Rilke)

Richard KehlIn order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that no one else has thought of. (Robert Schumann)

Richard Kehl


Richard Kehl

According to The Oxford English Dictionary the word creativity didn’t appear in print until 1875. (Denise Shekerjian)Richard Kehl

8 responses to “Richard Kehl

  1. Fantastic post – well worth treasuring and sharing!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed with his work. I do collage, too, but this is a whole other world. Thanks.

  3. As always, Richey’s work tickles me pink (blue, black and red too)

  4. Creativity was coined like America was discovered.
    We are a slow race in some regards, maybe I can be a cat and die nobely.

  5. Cynthia Adler

    absolutely beautiful…! so inventive…and so wish we could see you in person…

  6. Absolutely incredible! His attention to detail is spectacular! Love his work!!

  7. Richard: You work is astounding and your mix of poetry and art is also. I”m so lucky to know you… cap

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