The Art Lady’s Mobile Art School.

Here’s a story to warm your heart.

My niece, Anna VanRooy, 30, has an art and education background. She worked as the art teacher in an afterschool program in Portland, OR, and loved her job. But the position ended with the end of the school year.

So she dreamed up her own summer art program for kids. She worked out a plan to teach art in four different Portland parks, setting up before and after federally-funded lunch programs for underserved kids, two parks a day, four days a week for eight weeks. She figured out what funding she’d need for supplies, her own wages, and a motorized tricycle to get her from park to park. Then she put it up on Kickstarter. It was quickly funded. And the Art Lady’s Mobile Art School was born.

It’s been going four weeks now, eight projects. Here are some photos:

3D Paper Sculpture.


Action Paint Project.


Color Mixing Project.


Mixed Media Repeat Paintings.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff. You can read all about the Art Lady’s Mobile Art School, more photos too, on the blog Anna created so that others can try the same projects. (Which is exactly what my nine-year old grandnephews and I are doing here in Seattle).

What a force she is, our Anna B., all on her own inventing an amazing art program and using her creative energy and teaching skills to bring it to the kids in the parks. I raise my paintbrush to her.

6 responses to “The Art Lady’s Mobile Art School.

  1. Julie Paschkis

    I especially like the purple hand holding the purple urchin sponge.

  2. What a splendid idea! I love the art!

  3. Talk about making the world a better place.
    –another one of Anna’s proud aunts

  4. What artful determination and dedication! And such lucky kids.

  5. I am seriously having the best summer of my adult life. Thank you for everything!

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