E-Z does it

Happy New Year!
I am ! and ? about the upcoming year.
As we leap into 2015 here are some thoughts about punctuation, communication, letters, typoglycemia, texting and disemvoweling. K?
Paschkis on the go

Texting is convenient when you are on the go, and emoticons are convenient when texting. But I don’t particularly like them.
I do like emoticons that are made with punctuation, such as this double-chinned wink from Laura Kvasnosky,this mouse from Margaret Chodos-Irvine, or a shruggie from the internet.

punctuation emoticons

I just love punctuation. Period.

Paschkis punctuation Ampersands can be especially lovely.ampersands

Marc Johns wants them to be portable-

Marc Johns
If you have created something interesting with punctuation please put it in the comment section! Thanks.Punctuation

But why stop at punctuation? Much can be said with just letters. These are from the book C D C? by Wm. Steig.steig aliensteig  a y-l ssteig cdc

Letter play is often seen on vanity plates.license plates

Vanity plates (and businesses, musicians and content managers) sometimes disemvowel words, but you still knw wht they are saying. It is amazing how much you can understand even when letters are scrambled. Gary Sweeney illustrated this idea, called typoglycemia (which is the opposite of C-D-C.)

Gary Sweeney

There is something delightful about reading letters, words or punctuation and only being able to understand them with a little mental leap. That leap is XLR8N.

Here is a poem for today which lives in those leaps:



And to close here is another image by Gary Sweeney. In this piece he doesn’t scramble the letters, but he deep pens the meaning through typography.Gary Sweeney Bacon

May you have a wndrfl & xi-10 year to come.


16 responses to “E-Z does it

  1. Brilliant! Thank you!!!

  2. Carolyn Blocker

    Your work is sunshine for me Mare’s mom csb

  3. On the London Underground there is an advert about internet safety that suggests using “dogPostm@nD1nner” instead of “Rover.” It makes sense in an odd sort of way.
    Full disclosure: I got the mouse off the internet too, but I knew what I was looking for. There are whole pages of emoji pictures made with punctuation. Very fun!

  4. Oh, this whole post is XLR8N! Thanks so much for sharing. :0)

  5. i love this stuff! thanks, julie.

  6. Perfect way to start the day. Loved every ____.

  7. Wonderful post, Julie! I love the look of the poem but if there is a key to reading it, it is beyond me!

    My Dad sometimes goes off in a conversation with ‘F-U-N-E-M?’
    ‘I, M-N-X!’

  8. I have been happily cellphone-free for about two years now, so I won’t be able to txt it, but I will find a way to put a “shruggie” in an email. This is a really fun post. Thank you.

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