Who We Write For

I have a very simple post for you today. It’s a scan of a letter written by my grandson to his mother, my daughter. All I want to say about it is that my grandson is like so many kids we write for – whole-hearted, loving, passionate, living in the moment, a little tremulous. Kids throw themselves at their wishes  -large and small – with terrifying force. They’re vulnerable. They’re courageous. They’re scared. They’re willing to work hard for what they want. They dream big, they beg big, and they imagine big. We can’t give a cute black Dutch bunny to everyone who wants one.  After all, some families (like my daughter’s) already have one bird, one dog, and several fish, not to mention wild deer and wild turkeys wandering through their gardens. So no, the bunny might not be ours to give.  But as writers, we can give kids stories. And stories, too, change lives.


8 responses to “Who We Write For

  1. I especailly love that phonetically correct, heart-string pulling ‘pleeeease!’! And yes, you are so right – stories do change lives.

  2. Marvelous! Thank you.

  3. What”s Jackson’s address? There’s something I want to send him.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I can’t begin to tell you how much
    I love it (and not just because I had a wonderful black & white dutch
    for many years); I especially appreciate what you wrote about kids. For a long time I’ve tried to express what it is about them that astonishes me, grabs me, my heart, my whole being. Somehow the “they’re so innocent” just never seemed to really do it for me, but what you wrote does ….from “whole-hearted…to imagine big.”
    Yes, they are vulnerable – they are at our mercy….
    they are all of us, our real selves, before we have to recognize and somehow accommodate the world….

  5. AAAAhhh, delightful! Someone little one has learned the power of words.

  6. I remember wanting a piano very badly(my parents had given away one when they moved when I was born) so I used to put signs up around our house, esp. when friends of my older siblings were over “Give to the Piano Fund!”. I had a little box on my desk in the corner of our family room. Then I found out sometimes my dad ‘borrowed’ from it to pay the paperboy!
    (They bought one the year I left for college….I had one summer of lessons…sigh…)

  7. wonderful.

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