GPS has changed my life. With the push of a button I no longer get lost and can find the quickest route anywhere.Paschkis rapid doodleJoe, my husband, dislikes GPS. He doesn’t mind getting lost and isn’t in a hurry. He likes to see what he will see.Paschkis dawdle doodleLately I’ve been trying to disable the GPS in my work. I’ve painted a series of accordion books that are basically long doodles with no destination in mind. Paschkis pencil doodleIn high school I bought a book of sketches by Maurice Sendak. Sendak played music and doodled and let his mind run free.sendak sketchessendak doodle Sendak said that you take other people’s vegetables and make your own soup. Some of the vegetables that went into my doodle soup are Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur,fraktur george speyer copya visit to the Art Brut show at the NY Folk Art Museum where I sketched,art brut inspirationa doodle correspondence with Margaret Chodos-Irvine in London – this is her drawing,chodos irvine doodlea trip to the wonderful Tail of the Yak in Berkeley,tail yak cardMargaret’s toy blog post in December,P1030411My hero Saul Steinberg,steinbergAll of these images and ideas swim around, find their way out of my head, through my hand and onto the paper  – surprising and entertaining me.paschkis crocodoodlepaschkis house doodlepaschkis falling dolls doodleWho knows where they will take me? I just want to enjoy the ride.Paschkis open seasLaura Kvasnosky sent me this poem several years ago:a man lost by a river

Happy Trails!




21 responses to “Meandering

  1. “Lately I’ve been trying to disable the GPS in my work.” – Brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing the journey, and the beautiful Blumenthal poem.

  2. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia

    I love your whimsical doodling, Julie! Especially those divine, leaping horses, and the girl with the birds in her hair. Reminds me of the wise old Japanese proverb:
    “The bird of sorrow will fly over your head, but you must not let it make a nest in your hair.”

  3. Julie Paschkis

    Thank you.

  4. Karla Paschkis

    Joe: “I’m all about the noodle.” Julie: “I’m all about the doodle.”

  5. Thank you for the delicious and energizing phrase, “disable the GPS in my work.” I enjoy the various voices that my GPS provides (and sometimes I switch languages just for fun) but really our work is to meander around looking for our own voice. Sarah Ellis


    • Julie Paschkis

      I often expect my GPS to yell at me for not following it exactly. But it is ever serene (unlike my own voice).

  6. Another lovely post. thank you, Julie.
    Pascale Judet

  7. I love the GPS analogy and your new work is stunning! Stay lost ; )

  8. I loved this post! Thanks, Julie. I am again reminded that the best way to get ideas is to just start drawing.:o)

  9. Love this post, and the analogy of taking other people’s vegetables and making your own soup :)! The Sendak book looks fascinating. Wasn’t there a “doodle-ee-doo” in A Hole is to Dig?

  10. Wonderful post, Julie. I think your JPS is better than any GPS.

  11. Excellent post Julie, the process of having a balance and when writing plus illustrating but mostly the inner balance needed to write a story, simply beautiful!

  12. Good Morning, again this web blog is terrific. I have not smiled for a day or many more, but you and the group have lifted my day. This posting was made me a little bit of a laughing smile come out. I enjoyed the poem for it reminded me of Claude Lanzman’s Shoah where a young boy sang a song on a river which your poem printed in the blog reminded me of. Thanks atk

    • Thanks! My favorite part of that poem is where he almost-rhymes mandolin and dandelion. The connection makes both words more delightful.

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