Ode to Bicycles

Oh, bicycles! Let us speak of spokes. bianchi poster
You could ride a bicycle to summer with Saul Steinberg.steinberg bicycle122
Salute the finest form of transportation! steinberg bicycle123

Have some wheel fun ( a papercut I made in 2012).Paschkis bicycle trick
Bicycles are good for all species, as you can see in these Polish circus posters.cyrk bicycles
Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad share a bike. Sweet!
frog and toad
But they aren’t the only cycling amphibians.
gorey bicycle018
The above creature is from The Broken Spoke – Edward Gorey’s 1976 book of bicycling cards. gorey bicycle001
Each card is inspired by a different school of art, but essential Gorey-ness shines through in every picture, and in the text.gorey bicycle spyglass  gorey bicycle003 gorey demon cyclistgorey bicycle015gorey bicycle011 gorey bicycle012   gorey bicycle008
Here Gorey shows us bugs on bikes.
gorey bicycle121
Pablo Neruda had a similar idea with a completely different mood in this excerpt from his Ode to Bicycles.Neruda ode to bicycles
Today I finished this painting/drawing of bicycles. I’m not sure if it is really finished, but I don’t want to paint right now. It’s time to take a bike ride.
out for a spin

9 responses to “Ode to Bicycles

  1. Thank you, Julie… I am inspired to pump my tires and hit the road!

    • Julie Paschkis

      …maybe wait until tomorrow and hope the rain stops. I wrote this yesterday when we had golden sun!


  2. Sarah Lamstein

    Wonderful!! Thank you!

  3. Linda Beaumont

    jULiE!! These are so wonderful…They get my head spinning,
    and a few creaky wheels are turning…the motion, emotion of Neruda is as visual as the Gorey images are so much a story..

  4. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia

    Your bicycle drawing is sheer bliss, Julie! I’m addicted to my bicycle and ride it everywhere, as I’ve never learnt to drive a car – I prefer to burn fat, not petrol! Cycling is a noble pursuit, and whenever people look at me incredulously, when they discover I can’t drive, I always tell them this amazing fact – did you know that Einstein thought of his theory of relativity while riding his bicycle? Cycling stimulates the little grey cells!

    • Julie Paschkis

      My ideas are relatively less complex than Einstein’s, but I agree with him that there is something about being in motion that frees the mind. I think about stories and poems and solve problems while I am bicycling (and walking and swimming). The other time that feels especially creative to me is when I am just on the edge of waking up; I allow ideas in that I might dismiss when fully awake.


  5. Wonderful! I just got a new, used bike. Love your bike painting so much, Julie.

  6. Sweet thoughts and images, Julie! I’ve commandeered Nancy’s old steel bike recently to ride gravel trails around the sound, and have fallen in love with the beauty of biking all over again!

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