Vote Now!

Is worry about the upcoming election making you feel like this?

1825 British illustration

1825 British illustration

Well, stop worrying and vote now. Vote here! Today at Books Around the Table I am presenting you with an election.  There are two slates of candidates: Cats versus Mice. Each slate has 7 candidates (aka illustrations), picked because I like them. In the comments please vote for either the CATS or the MICE. You can explain your vote if you would like, or not. No photo ID is required.

Drum roll please: Here are the CATS:

Kazan the Cat: Russian Lubok 1700s

Kazan the Cat: Russian Lubok 1700s

Japanese woodblock, 1850's

Japanese woodblock, 1850’s

Orlando the Marmalade Cat by Katherine Hale

Orlando the Marmalade Cat by Katherine Hale

Paschkis Acrobaticats

Paschkis Acrobaticats

Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag

Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag

Tiger by Morris Hirshfield

Tiger by Morris Hirshfield

Kotofei Ivanovich by Tatiana Mavrina

Kotofei Ivanovich by Tatiana Mavrina

Piccolo please, here are THE MICE:

Rudolf Mates

Rudolf Mates, A Forest Story

Paschkis Mouse

Paschkis, Mouse in Love

Maisy by Lucy Cousins

Lucy Cousins, Maisy

Lizbeth Zwerger

Lizbeth Zwerger, Alice in Wonderland

Arthur Rackham Rodents

Arthur Rackham Rodents

You know who

You know who



Thank you for voting. On Tuesday I will tally up the answers and declare a winner. The wait will finally be over.

Tuesday night results: Thank you for voting. It was a squeaker but the mice won the Books Around the Table election – 15 to 14. As I write this my heart is heavy from the results of the real election. It isn’t over, but it is dire. I am stunned. Where do we go from here?  What do we do now?

37 responses to “Vote Now!

  1. MICE. I don’t know why but I’ve always been a sucker for those guys.

  2. OK I am a cat enthusiast but these mice are adorable! Confession–it was the piccolo introduction that really swayed me. That and the “long and sad tale” in the page from Lizbeth Zwerger’s Alice. Packaging and presentation can change a person’s mind.

  3. The Kotofei scared me but the acrobaticats won me over!

  4. Cats! Can’t quite ‘splain it, because the mice are so winsome too, maybe especially in the Rudolf Mates family scene, but — cats, paws down!

  5. Oh wait, I got totally mixed up – it’s MICE I love best now, thanks to Rudolf Bates – what a tough, later-life decision, moving from cats to mice…

  6. Well, I love your samples of cats – I see real elegance in those – but I’m worried that one or two of them might be bullies. My vote goes to the small guys who look a little subversive and who know how to dance – the mice!

  7. Wow, I’m undecided. I’v very partial to cats but those Rudolph Mates mice are darn cute. But – cats!

  8. I’m down w/ the mice. Love your mouse in love Jules and who can resist Mickey.

  9. Mice…always & forever.

  10. But in this case, the Cats. 😉

  11. Katherine McWilliams

    Cats. Especially when there are so many nice orange ones!

  12. So many great choices! But my choice is “Acrobaticats “.

  13. mice, cuz they are the underdog!

  14. 🐈! (…though I am also very partial to Maisy, and Alice’s mouse.)

  15. Mice, accomplished!

  16. 🐈! (…though I am also very partial to Maisy, and to Alice’s mouse.)

  17. Jeanette Sullivan

    My maiden name is Katz, but for some reason I have never liked cats!!
    I am no fan of rodents, but will vote for mice. Love all the illustrations.

  18. My husband and I love books and libraries and have made acquaintances over 21 years of our local librarians and tech. assistants. We met three little girls with their mother, and the youngest 2/1 years climbs up on the table and we spend a moment looking at Bonnie Becker’s The bear in the library. Little Miss bright eyes and happy smiles liked to listen to picture identifications. Then we found a mouse, realize I will have to find a mouse to show her. atk

  19. MICE! Is there any cheese?

  20. Cats. I am allergic to them but the illustrations won me over. So am I am I voting based on ” spin” not record.? 😉 ! Yikes!

  21. PS good for you Margaret! Write it in !

  22. Mice are nice

  23. Mice this time. Cats most of the time.

  24. CATS..when I saw these pictures, I could hear the cats purr…especially
    Mavrina’s oh so Russian fellow. Our souls need purrs now.

  25. While I’m a cat fanatic, these mice are super cute! I vote for mice.

  26. Cats, but I must admit, the mice have made a good case for themselves.

  27. CATS!!! I’m a Leo. What more can I say? And I’ve been in love with Orlando, the marmalade cat, since childhood.

  28. Hard choice, but I think I’ll go with the mice, because they are the underdogs, and those illustrations make them look SO CUTE! Don’t worry, I won’t be using that same line of thinking when I cast my ballot tomorrow! Trump is NOT cute!

  29. I vote for the mice, because they are the underdogs and the illustrations make them look SO CUTE! Don’t worry, I won’t be using that line of thinking when I cast my vote tomorrow. Trump ain’t cute.

  30. mice. mice. mice. so funny, so engaging, so delectable!

  31. Post-election Note: Oh, dear, I don’t think the mice won, and I don’t think the cats won. Looks like the pitbulls won?

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