Birds, Bees and Bumps in the Road

In February I will be in a group show at the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery called The Birds and the Bees.  Lots of you know I was in a bike accident and lost the use of my right/write hand for a few months. I had agreed to take part in this show before the accident and thought that I would have to back out. But I started noodling around with my left hand and found that I could still make art.

Paschkis fracture-fraktur

It was odd: I could barely write out a grocery list, but I could paint or draw. The process was very slow but the awkwardness of it made it an adventure.


I was inspired by fraktur: stylized Pennsylvania-German paintings, mostly from the 18th and 19th century. My wonky left handed drawing seemed a good fit with this art form.  I sent an image to the BACART gallery and asked if they would be open to my left handed self in place of my right handed self. Yes!

Paschkis fracture fraktur

Fraktur suits the Birds and Bees show because although the images are romantic they are also slightly askew.

Paschkis head-in-clouds fraktur
Some of the images are about the plight of love and some are about the pleasures of love.

Paschkis drawn-together fraktur

Paschkis night-is-long-fraktur

Paschkis loves-arrow fraktur

paschkis do-not-deceive-fraktur

Valentine’s day can be alienating for single people so I also drew one fraktur for a happy person who is not part of a couple.

Paschkis solitude-fraktur

What I learned from doing this work is that good things can come from dismal situations. The accident hurt and slowed me down, but that slowness allowed me to try something new. I was replenished.

Paschkis renewal-fraktur

Is there a word for the good things that can arise from bad situations? Perhaps sluck would suit: luck from something sucky. I welcome your linguistic suggestions.

The paintings for this show were done with gouache and ink on handmade cotton paper from India. I hope that if you are nearby you can take a ferry to BACART on Bainbridge Island for the opening on February 3, 6:00-8:00. You can see this work and the work of 14 other pollinators. The show will remain up until February 26.  Thanks.

Paschkis eyes-fraktur



19 responses to “Birds, Bees and Bumps in the Road

  1. I guess that old “when lemons come your way, make lemonade” holds here, too, Julie. It’s amazing that you managed, and the art is lovely. I do like that one for a single person especially.

  2. marveloss! that is the word.

  3. Julie, how fun. I’d forgotten about your broken paw. I like the slightly wonky quality of the left-handed drawings. Will you and the other artist be at the opening? I love “marveloss!”

  4. LOVE each & every one of these pieces–just so soft & gentle. I am partial to sun faces that are in a lot of your art. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Chris Chmielniak

    These are beautiful Julie! You have such gusto and moxie. I love that about you (and your lovely work)!

  6. Julie, I love these left-handed paintings! Will they be for sale? Are they large or smallish? I like the very last one best, flowers with an eye.

  7. You are amazing!! Lovely work. 🙂

  8. I’ll say you can still make art. Sheesh, Julie, these are amazing. Like finding Paschkis hieroglyphics almost. Most of us wouldn’t have even tried. Or if we did, we might not let them out of the house, not being up to our inner critic’s blah blah. I love this about you, as much as I love your artwork. Clapping loudly with my left hand.

    • Thank you so much! (For a while I was actually clapping with my left hand at concerts etc- left hand to thigh or the arm of the seat depending. Less fun than left handed drawing.)

  9. beautiful work! i love the quality of the line.

  10. SLUCK definitely would be a book for our times!

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