Wordless Letters, part two

Last week Margaret wrote about our wordless correspondence while she lived in London. This week I am posting some of the letters that she sent to me.


When we hatched our plan we decided that we would each send a wordless letter every Friday. We stuck with that deadline although Friday sometimes became Saturday. Having a deadline made us actually follow through on our intentions.



I loved getting something in the mail every week and I never knew what it would be.



This one comforted me when our dog Lily died.


Some explored new tools such as a pen nib.


Here is the other side of the teapot conversation –


and the squiggle


Some were three dimensional, or collaged from scraps of labels, or made of fabric.



I enjoyed the exchange as it happened. But yesterday when I gathered everything  to photograph, the accumulation of letters and images amazed and moved me. Our small idea grew into something bigger – a record and testament of our friendship and of time passing. Giving and getting were both gifts.


16 responses to “Wordless Letters, part two

  1. How wonderful, Julie! I love how Margaret chose many mediums to express herself from ink to crayon to scissors. What fun it must have been to get her letter each week. No matter how your day was going, seeing an envelope from her must have been uplifting. Thanks for sharing your wordless correspondence!

  2. I want to be a pen pal to both of you! Sadly the letters from me would not quite make the artistic grade. What a lovely correspondence between two friends.

  3. Love this exchange. Book, book!

  4. Thank you both for letting us look over your shoulders as you both give and receive, it is nice to be part of the party.

  5. I love that you waited a week to post this…just as exciting as receiving Margaret’s wonderful art.

  6. wonderful wonderful wonderful

  7. Wow! You two are more creative in a year than most in a lifetime. These are so wonderful. Thank you both for sharing them. Now I’m going to…

  8. I love this. Your friendship is an inspiration to each other and to the rest of us. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  9. Good Morning MS Paschkis, Some individuals doubt that what gifts they might give to a friend would be worth any value? And others we know, like my sister would not accept a gift? One should be happy to even have a friend? You have a wonderful art and that treasure your friend knew well. Thank you for sharing this friendship drawn on an envelope.

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