Go Outside!

It’s July. It’s good to be outside.
Step out!

illustration by Rudolf Mates from A Forest Story

Ride your bike.

Edward Gorey

Julie Paschkis – Out for a Spin

Everything is better outside. Eat outside.

illustration by William Steig for Sylvester

illustration by Hedwig Sporri-Dolder for Hinderem Bargli

Climb up high.

illustration by Alois Carigiet for Florina

Dive down.

illustration and poem by Julie Paschkis for Vivid

Dance around.

Yevgeny Rachev 1900

Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin

Maybe go fishing,

illustration by Chris Raschka for Fishing in the Air

or explore an island.

illustration by the D’Aulaires for Ola

Read a book.

Charles Knight 1809

Or listen to a story.

illustration by Rudolf Mates for A Forest Story

Take a nap on the grass.

illustration by Hedwig Sporri-Doldi for Hinderem Bargli

Or sleep outside for the whole night.

illustration by Kathleen Hale for Orlando the Marmalade Cat

Stop looking at this screen or any other screen. Go outside! You might even float away.

illustration by Wm Steig for Gorky Rises



14 responses to “Go Outside!

  1. Our weather here today would make the characters in the first two illustrations happy!


  2. Thanks for this wonderful post! Love all the illustrations. 🙂

  3. LOVE this compilation! 😀 EVERYthing about it ❤

  4. Wonderful illos – but it’s too hot out there!

  5. Barbara (Gorter) Bell

    I’ve the variety of ills. Several reminiscent of Feodor Rojankovsky (had to check, got last name spelled correctly, but thought it was Fyodor! )
    A youth libraruian from 1973-2007
    Missing kids, books & bringing them together

  6. I really appreciate all the posts that you make and the images of illustrations from books published in lands far from me in Australia, and those from vintage books that I have never seen. Today’s are wonderful and inspiring, as always. Many thanks!

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