Tittery Jitters

How many of you have felt both excitement and anxiety when starting a new project? Many, I predict.

I believe those feelings are really two sides of the same coin. In fact, the degree of excitement I feel is in direct correlation with the amount of anxiety I also experience. It is the irony of caring about the work I do.

So I am nervously happy, or perhaps ecstatically terrified, to tell you that I am starting the illustrations for a new picture book.

I will give you more details in the future, but for now I will only tell you that the story is by Julie Paschkis and it is titled Where Lily Isn’t.

Here are a few early studies I have done for one of the main characters.

Now I would like to hear whether I am correct that many of you feel the same combination of emotions when starting a new creative endeavor. Do you bite your nails, or do you confidently proceed without a tentative thought? Or are you somewhere in between . . . ?

10 responses to “Tittery Jitters

  1. Hooray, so excited to see your work on this wonderful manuscript. Yes, to feeling both excitement and trepidation at a new project.

  2. I’m the same as you. Excitement and anxiety- with anxiety winning…
    I love your illustrations of “Lily”. She seems a charming little dog.
    Wish I had your talent.

  3. Just the same for me. Like surfing. When you’re out there and in it, you are really in it. Finding the waves, the timing, the exertion and the thrill. Enjoying the peaceful breaks and feel of the sun and saltwater in between. But oh! The effort to get me to the beach, carry that board and scariest of all, toe, then knees then head in the water!
    Lily is so dear! Throw her a ball and I bet she’ll carry you right on out to the waves. Congratulations, Margaret!

  4. beginning is my favorite part of the process. all the possibilities are waiting and i am about to find out what the final book will be. i think making final art is so completely engaging. but i agree w wendy about getting to that point where i get to dive in. that part can be more challenging.
    ps. i love how you are illustrating this very wonderful text.

  5. Ms. Paschkis, I always enjoy your postings, too dear and fun, often forget youthful joy, helps when starting out in a new project. Easy to start with the idea and illustration, but to create the character in differing materials: clay, paper mache or fabric, to become a puppet or doll from a story I write or from classics I retell in a play. I give everything away once finished. atk

  6. ‘So connected to your question and feelings, Wendy! Thank you for inviting the reassurance of knowing we feel the same. I love the inspiration that happens for a new project! The stretchy cheese feeling around digging in and believing it will actually come forth are always scarey. I guess finding the nerve to begin, and trusting the process as it opens up go hand in hand. Enjoy yours in all its beauty! Celeste

  7. I’ve just now discovered you and I adore your work! It’s truly inspiring. I almost always get that bubbly nervousness that comes with a new project, but we find love in what we do as well, so it all comes full circle.

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