Vintage Holiday Images from the (Great) Pacific Northwest

This week I went to the Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, Washington. They have a several shows there currently. Territorial Hues: The Color Print and Washington State 1920-1960 is an excellent exhibit of mid-century Northwest printmakers.  The pieces by Glen Alps were some of my favorites.

The museum is also showing their third annual display of Vintage Christmas Cards.Many of them are done using printmaking techniques (always good for reproducing images in multiple). Here is a small sampling from the display.

Glen Alps, 1954.

George Tsutakawa, 1967.

Danny Pierce, “Christmas Trees”, 1986

Danny Pierce, “Cockle Prober”, 1990

Danny Pierce, circa 1990.

LaVerne Fromberg, 1958.

Artist Unknown, circa 1955.

William J. C. Klamm, 1949.

William J. C. Klamm, 1964.

William J. C. Klamm, 1955.

Stephen Dunthorne, circa 1952.

Katherine Westphal Rossbach, 1948.

Jacob Elshin, circa 1929.

Artist unknown, circa 1951.

Richard Kirsten Daiensai, Ancient King and Calling Bird, 1955.

Here are two decorated envelopes from Orre Noble that remind me of my trans-continental correspondence with Julie Paschkis.

I like how many of them have more to do with what the artist was currently doing with their work, than Christmas itself.

Seeing them makes me wonder what I might do for a holiday card this year. I hope they inspire you as well!

And if you are in the region, go see the exhibits! They are there till January 7th.

6 responses to “Vintage Holiday Images from the (Great) Pacific Northwest

  1. This makes me want to make a handmade holiday card.

  2. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia

    That’s the best prezzie of all – a hand made card. I especially love the pink, red and black retro 50s card by Stephen Dunthorne – such a sculptural Xmas tree. That limited palette just sings! Seeing all this blissful work, makes me lament the inexplicable popularity of the emailed Xmas card – so charmless! Why do people send these hideous things whizzing through cyberspace? It’s like telling your friends they’re not worth the price of a stamp!

  3. So great! I have the same impulse as Julie!

  4. Margaret, You make me want to run right into my studio and get to work! And, I have penciled in Cascade on my list for the upcoming Third Thursday Edmonds Art Walk. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and your inspirations.

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