How Well Do You Know Books in Art?

In my collection of images of books in art, there are a number of pieces by famous artists. Although, not always their best works, its fun to see how artists from Matisse to Magritte have portrayed the books in our lives.

Each artist is somehow unmistakably themselves (well, except one) despite a common theme. I bet you can guess most of them. Scroll to the bottom to see if you’re right. Enjoy!



In order from the top, we have Henri Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein, Renee Magritte, Thomas Hart Benton, El Greco (if you got that one, I’m impressed), Albrecht Durer, Arthur Rackham, Wayne Thiebaud (my favorite. All his paintings look edible to me) and, of course, Norman Rockwell. How’d you do?


6 responses to “How Well Do You Know Books in Art?

  1. These are just beautiful. What an interesting angle to take!

  2. Only the first & last, Bonny. I’ve saved a few through the years. A favorite is “Take Your Pick” by John Frederick Peto, at the National Gallery. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Linda, thanks for the recommendation. I’m going right now to check it out. 🙂

  4. laurakvasnosky

    what a fun game! thanks, bonny. i am curious. how do you keep your collection of book images in art?

  5. Thanks, Bonny – great post. I want to live in that Matisse!

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