Gratitude from A to Z

Last night, while waiting for the feast to begin, a friend told me about a solution one family found for the discomfort of reciting what they were thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table each year — they began a tradition of going round the table giving gratitudes in alphabetical order, A to Z.

This sounded like such a good idea to me that I am going to begin it here, and I invite you to add gratitudes as well, beginning with the next letter in the alphabet from the one before. Let’s see if we can make it all the way to Z…

I am grateful for Adaptability, Avocados, and All of you who take the time to read our posts.

Will you Be next?…

18 responses to “Gratitude from A to Z

  1. I’m grateful for bread, butter, bees, berries, Berry (Wendell), Berryman (John) and books.

  2. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    I am grateful for color, cookies, coffee, critique partners and change.

  3. I am grateful for dirt, dungarees, Darwin, Dahlias, and diplomacy.

  4. I am grateful for elephants, echoes, editors and eagerness.

  5. I am grateful for fingers, Firenze, forests, fables and fairies

  6. I am grateful for Giotto, gardens, gorgonzola, grilling, girasole, giggling, and grace.

  7. Gracious goodness I am grateful for surprise guests, geese that honk overhead, grumpy old men who make me smile, gazing at sunsets, gorgeous gorillas gamboling in tree tops and a heart filled with gratitude.

  8. Here’s a Hurrah for whole Heartedness, my grandson otto Harvey, Hands to Hold, and Hilltops bathed in slanty golden autumn light.

  9. A bit late but lucky me! I’m grateful for my two granddaughters, Ingrid & Imogene, also ice cream & island beaches!

  10. Just in time to be grateful for June days, JellyBellys, jump rope songs and the smell of juniper.

  11. How about kisses…all kinds of kisses…Aren’t we all grateful for those?

  12. I am grateful for libraries, lilacs, lakes, latkes and love.

  13. I am grateful for modern plumbing, magical moments, mothers, and the merry month of May

  14. I am greatful for the number nine, never-ending love, and noshing!

  15. I am grateful for ornithologists and ornithology-inspired citizen scientists who share knowledge, owls, and the color orange.

  16. I am grateful for Maria PoPova and Brain Pickings for linking to this lovely site, also picture books and poetry, possibility, particularity, perplexity

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