I See Well-Read People

In my collection of images related books in art, there are many different takes on the relationship between people and reading, but my favorite one is the mood of absorption.

That’s what I remember most about reading as a child. My utter absorption in the book–beyond sound, time, oblivious to the movement of the sun across the sky or my mother’s voice calling to dinner. It’s a much harder state for me to get into as an adult. But looking at these images, the feeling of that deep entrancement comes back to me.

Illustration by Gotay de Anderson

Illustration by Leonid Balaklav

It’s there in all kinds of setting:

Illustration by Frederick Frieseke

Illustration by Lorenzo Mattotti

Suggesting its own stories.

Illustration by Christina Tsevis

Illustration by Luisa Kelle

In all kinds of weather. (How I love that every reader in the airport is reading an actual book. Talk about a fantasy!)

Illustration by Jorge Roa

Illustration by Adrian Tomine

I love how Sophie Blackall captures not only the mood, but the metaphor. Immersed, submerged, deeper and deeper into the world of the book.

Illustration by Sophie Blackall

Let me end by thanking all of you for reading our blog this year. And to wish you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and a New Year of reading enchantment!

7 responses to “I See Well-Read People

  1. Luv this collection of images xx

  2. Thank you! I think my favorite is the mother absorbed in her child’s book. 😉

  3. Reblogged this on joy murray –art ~ books ~ life and commented:
    Another great post from Books Around the Table — Bonny Becker treats us to illustrations of people absorbed in reading — just lovely:

  4. Thanks for brightening my day. I love all the illustrations!

  5. Thanks for the reblog, Joy. 🙂

  6. Hi Bonnie, I always am enthralled with your posts, and these images caught me once again. Thank you for sharing. I do have a question: How do you save your book and reader images….just guessing…are they a digital file or…?

  7. Hi Rae, yes, digital. I find my images on-line. I make a copy of an image I like onto a word page as part of a document. Then I save a jpg of the image to my pictures app. I name the image and include that name and the name of the artist in my word doc. Then I can scroll through my “collection” on Word. And upload the image from my pics as a jpg.

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