Winter Haiku

Here are some winter haiku from Japan, paired with illustrations from around the world.

Ingri & Edgar Parin D’Aulaire

Koson Ohara

Ingri & Edgar Parin D’Aulaire

Alois Garigiet

Carlos Marchiori

Ezra Jack Keats

Antonio Frasconi

Yury Vasnetsov

Most of these haiku came from the website Japan Powered. Please click here to read more Winter Haiku.

A traditional haiku has 17 syllables written in 3 lines (5/7/5) often using images from nature. I hope these poems will inspire you to write a winter haiku of your own. If so, please send it in to the comment section! Or send a haiku that someone else wrote that you like.
Here is my attempt.

Black branches scribble
Crooked words on chalky sky –
Twigs snap the cold spell

And here is a winter haiku I saw on a friend’s tee shirt.

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

37 responses to “Winter Haiku

  1. Annie K Jacobsen

    Snowy Morning

    Sunlight radiates
    White crystals gaily dancing
    Briskly delicious

  2. Wonderful post!!! made my morning.

  3. Such a delightful morning gift!

  4. Suzanne Burnell

    Loved this post! The Haikus and artwork are fabulous. The T-shirt haiku made me laugh out loud!

    Cold frosty morning
    hiding in a cozy bed
    Haikus on my mind

    and i have been trying to get my winter garden cleaned up but….

    White blanket of snow
    the garden has gone to sleep
    morning brings us spring

    and we are getting ready to leave for Mexico…

    February freeze
    together we must escape
    seeking sunny climes

    Thank you for a morning of fun!

  5. Snow falls clean and new
    In the city it does not last
    Dogs pee on old leaves

  6. frozen hands and feet
    anticipate hot cocoa
    and snuggling warm dog

    great post jules

  7. What a lovely post, Julie. Poems and images perfectly matched! Here’s mine:

    winter stones the earth
    flakes fall fast, the fox is loose
    the hare makes no noise

  8. Love your post – a feast of visuals, images, and words. Thank you!
    Refrigerator is sort of a chilly winter poem….?
    Mine is a winter poem from the tropical sea which is tickling my toes as I write.

    Waves continue, spill
    color, song, curl, collapse, kiss
    the shore, continue

    nancy bo flood

  9. Thanks for such a beautiful post!! Just what I needed.

  10. These are perfect up here in Banff where the temperatures have dropped to -34 and risen to 0…Plenty of snapping twigs and kawa kawa crows and frozen moonlight.

  11. Each one’s a smile, Julie, but I love the ‘cawa, cawa’ most, love my own crows visiting. Here’s one I wrote in December:
    two degrees,
    morning news in the snow —
    bunnies frolic, not me

  12. You started my snowed in day just perfectly, Julie. Love the art and the haikus. A sleepy one from me:

    The poodle paddles after ducks
    along the snowbank
    of my pillow.

  13. Seattle Winter Haiku
    wintry gray sky
    cover February ground
    with glistening white

  14. non-haiku
    another about the beach

    Beach Memory
    Nov. 2007

    Shells in a bowl
    Ocean Memories, dry
    Of a time, wet
    Of holes dug in the sand

  15. Finally enough snow to build a poem.

    Falling, falling
    snow caps on purple asters
    still rising

  16. Christina Albetta

    Thank you Julie. Those were so fun and interesting. Seemed appropriate for the weather you all are having!

  17. Christina Albetta

    Thank you Julie. Those were so fun and interesting. Seemed appropriate for the weather you all are having!

  18. Lovely accompaniment to the quiet flakes falling outside my window! Thanks.

    • Thanks, Kay! I made a big pot of soup today. Joe mentioned all the soup that you and Richard used to make for the soup kitchen.

  19. Thanks Julie, This has been an interesting few days of winter. Such a change to the city and to people. I love how everyone is out walking around and so friendly. I especially enjoyed some good night walks in the falling snow. Here is my haiku.

    snow reflected light
    night time walk in quiet streets
    cold wind on my face

    • Thanks, Stan. I like that part of winter weather too.
      When I read your haiku I imagine it paired with one of your black and white photographs.

  20. What a wonderful combination of images and poems! Thanks, Julie.

  21. Love these pairings you picked – thank you!

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