Flag and Country

Usually on the 4th of July I think first of fireworks and then of hotdogs.

This year is different. It is impossible to heedlessly celebrate because of the virus.

And the weeks leading up to July 4th have been filled with protests that lay bare the injustices of America today and throughout history.

Faith Ringgold Flag “Die Nigger” 1969

Faith Ringgold: This Flag is Bleeding 1997

Both the virus and the protests make me think about our responsibility towards each other.

Julie Paschkis 2020

How do we celebrate our country? What truths do we hold to be self-evident? What does it mean to be an American? 

Florine Stettheimer 1939

Bang Bang by Kerry James Marshall 1994

The social fabric is shredded and frayed right now, but that is an opportunity. The torn fabric can be sewn back differently. That would be worth celebrating.

Arcola Pettway

7 responses to “Flag and Country

  1. Thank you for this, Julie. I am moved and inspired, because art is a wonderful way to express emotion.

  2. Julie, what you compose here RE the 4th of July is moving. Thank you for being you.

  3. One fun way to help is to write postcards to voters. A number of kids illustrators have created some really fun postcards. To find out more you can check out https://postcardstovoters.org Warning: underestimate how many you can do. It can take longer than you think, but every one helps! 🙂
    Here’s the link the cards designed by children’s illustrators https://postcardstovoters.mypostcard.com/collections/authors-illustrators-for-children-aic-collection

  4. Deborah Williams

    I agree that we can stitch our country back together. Authors and artists who create children’s books have a big role in this effort! Thank you, Julie!

  5. mary ann landmesser

    Thank you for a beautiful set of pictures and thoughts

  6. Cathy Bonnell

    Thank u for these spectacular & thought provoking images.

  7. We’ve been having this conversation today. Yes, we need to mend the fabric differently.

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