Vote Sun or Moon

A high stakes election is underway in the USA. It is time to vote. It is also time to vote here at Books Around the Table.

Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire

The election here is between The Sun and the Moon. Please look at THE SUN images and THE MOON images below, then cast your vote.


Abner Graboff

Boris Artzubasheff

Brian Wildsmith

Beatrice Tanaka

Eva Rubin

Mariana Malhao

Yuri Vasnetsov – The Stolen Sun


Arthur Rackham

Josef Lada

Alice and Martin Provensen

Lev Tokmakov

Melissa Sweet

Tomi Ungerer

Maurice Sendak

Thank you for voting.  And now that you have exercised your voting muscle, go to the polls and cast a real vote!

P.S.Who can really choose between the sun and the moon?  I am selling a 2021  calendar to raise money for the ACLU . It includes both the sun and the moon! This one page poster that sells for $12 and ALL of the money goes to the ACLU. If you buy 5 or more shipping is free. Please click here to find out more or purchase one. Thank you.



10 responses to “Vote Sun or Moon

  1. Well, I was sure I would choose the moon – sweet light in a dark sky – but I can’t resist how happy the sun is, especially that Brian Wildsmith, 100% exuberance!

    • I like that one too. When I was hunting for images I found more moon than sun illustrations which surprised me.

  2. I love Melissa’s alley cat lapping up the puddle of moon. She is amazing.

  3. Wow, well it was really tough! I chose the sun, because a larger number of those spoke to me…although the Melissa Sweet and Arthur Rackham images are fabulous!

  4. Nighttime, where the moon lives, is often a hard time for me, living with depression. Day time, where the sun lives, I’ve lived another day, and no matter what I’m feeling, light brings hope. Sun all the way.

    • It’s true that light brings hope. The moonlight and the sunlight both make me happy in different ways. I struggle when there is light without shadows – like when we had the smoke a few weeks ago.

  5. How do you choose between the sun and the moon? I love them both for different reasons. I loved the first picture by Abner because i could actually see the sun and the moon in the illustration of the sun.

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