Merry Mama

My mother, Marcia Iliff Paschkis, is an artist – a potter. She is 92 now and still makes pots and teaches other people how to make pots. 

She also likes to draw. Everyone in my family draws or makes things – I think largely because of the example that both of my parents set. It isn’t a big deal – it is just part of life.  

I have absorbed a lot of my mother’s habits of working as well as her style.

Every year my mother draws a Christmas card. As a holiday treat I am sharing some of the many cards she has sent out over the years.


I have also posted her images in a down-loadable form at my website HERE  in case you want to color them in. 

Happy Holidays from my mama to you!



25 responses to “Merry Mama

  1. Shonagh Mc Aulay

    THANK YOU made my day all good wishes to you, mama, family and friends

    On Thu, 17 Dec 2020 17:02 Books Around The Table, wrote:

    > Julie Paschkis posted: ” My mother, Marcia Iliff Paschkis, is an artist – > a potter. She is 92 now and still makes pots and teaches other people how > to make pots. She also likes to draw. Everyone in my family draws or makes > things – I think largely because of the example ” >

  2. Dear Julie and Marcia! What a wonderful Christmas treat! So sweet to see you working together, also. What talent!! May blessings from our God Most High abound on your family in 2021. ❤️🌈

  3. Julie, this is lovely! I see so much of your mother in your art, but you both are uniquely yourselves, too. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! Inspiring me to start thinking about making holiday cards for next year (never too early).

  5. Oh, Julie, I love this so much. I have many of your mom’s gorgeous cards from over the years hanging up in my dining room. And my favorite ever pottery pieces are hers. This reminds me of Christmas back in the woods houses so long ago – remember being up in the balcony in your folks’ house during the annual carol sing? Millions of cookies, all the neighbors packed in. One of my favorite memories! Love to you and your dear folks.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mother and her amazing work. You have an amazingly creative family.

  7. Margaret Read Read MacDonald

    So lovely! You are clearly your momma’s daughter. The inimitable Paschkis style! I love the Christmas Tree trail of delightful things to do! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am just speechless. All-around. Generations, youthfulness, creativity, love for life, imagination, joy, sharing and passing down stories, optimism. Thank you, this is a very inspiring post!

  9. I just love these! Please tell your mother that I think my family can play the board game during the next holiday Zoom – as long as each household has some dice, we’ll take turns & make a list of what we must do before Christmas. I’m hoping I land on “Blow a grand tally-ho on a Christmas horn!”

  10. I love every single image And that pitcher—first picture—gorgeous. Thanks for letting me get to know your sweet mama!
    Cathy Bonnell

  11. So much is explained! how delightful this is, Julie. I love the picture of you and your mama drawing. happy holidays!

  12. I love your artwork, and now your Mother’s too! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for sharing your coloring pages too! I wish I could draw well. Our daughter can, which warms my heart. Blessings!

  13. Christina Albetta

    Beautiful! Such detail in some of them! Thanks for sharing Julie. Merry Christmas to you and your Mom!

  14. Oh Julie!

    What a fantastic mother you have! I love this posting. And i am so happy that you exist to carry on her legacy! We are so lucky to bask in your glow!

    Huge hugs! Alida+Christopher

    PALIDA LATHAM • 206.669.8879 🔴🟡🔴🟢🔴🟡🔴🟢🔴🟡🔴

  15. This is so special! Thank you for sharing. I definitely see her influence on your work. Multi-generational artists and creators of all things beautiful! What a gift to the world. Merry Christmas

  16. Thank you so much for sharing about your Mama and her beautiful work!! The talent runs so deep in your family. Happy Holidays!

  17. This made me so happy! Merry Mama indeed. You are a lucky girl to have her and her lifelong artistic example.

  18. Your beautiful, brilliantly talented, creative mother! Thank you for sharing her art, and your closeness, Julie, no wonder you are you. Love to you both.

  19. Wow that’s awesome. I wish I was good at art but writing seems to be my forte

  20. Such exquisite drawings, what talent! Beautiful post, thank you for sharing this visual feast. I wish you a beautiful holiday season, and an extra-special happy and healthy New Year! Ramona

  21. Anne Russell LaGasse

    Hi Julie – I was going through my collection of family archives and found your Mom’s Trewerryn Creek Cookbook (1980). I also hang her framed Merry Christmas pic every Christmas! My parents were Lois and George Russell. I think my sister Laura Thompson may have been staying in touch with you. I googled Marcia Paschkis and found her here! 🙂 I’m assuming this copy of her cookbook is not the original! I love it. But if you have an interest in having this copy please let me know.

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