Paprika Coloring Book

Last spring I started creating coloring pages and posting them on my website here. It was a way for me to offer something to people who were suddenly home all the time (kids and adults). And it was a way to steady myself in a wobbling world.

Now, a year later, I have posted more than 150 drawing pages. They are all available to download for free here.

Recently I picked 21 of my favorite pages and made a new coloring book.

You can buy the coloring book at JuliePaprika for $10. (Click here). The pages can be colored with pencils, crayons, markers or paint.

You can make up your own stories for the images as you add color.

Because I used to be an art teacher, I hope that you will also make your own drawings from scratch. Here are a few prompts for starting a drawing. These are some of the ways I jump start myself.


  1. Draw a shape and repeat it many times. Then decorate that shape with doodles.

2. Draw a straight line. Connect another line to it. Keep adding lines and see what happens. Various dimensions might appear.

3. Write a word so that the letters fill the whole page. Decorate the letters.

4. Draw something that is laying around your house. Don’t worry if your drawing is wonky or strange. If you wanted a perfect picture you could take a photograph.

5. Draw a line and repeat a similar line next to it, over and over. You can do it with many shapes (like these leaves), or just one shape over and over. The little irregularities and variations of the line as it repeats will make your drawing interesting.

I hope that you will have fun creating your own drawings, and adding color to mine. And I hope that as the world opens up there is still time to draw or be contemplative in other ways.

p.s. Today’s blogpost comes with dessert. Here is a recipe/painting of strawberry rhubarb pie by my niece Zoe Paschkis. You can see more of Zoe’s work on Instagram ( click HERE) or Etsy (HERE).

10 responses to “Paprika Coloring Book

  1. Cathy Bonnell

    Love love love everything u create—such an inimitable style! I suspect you’ve had an influence on the whimsical art of your niece . Keep up the good work!

    • Julie Paschkis

      Zoe and I have spent a lot of time drawing together over the years, but she has had her own style for her whole life!

  2. Love the ideas for my own doodles and that I can draw things wonky

  3. Christina Albetta

    I so enjoy your posts. They are always interesting and inspiring. And this one comes with pie! Rhubarb, my fav!!!!❤️

    • Julie Paschkis

      Thanks, Christina. I love rhubarb pie too. Hard to pick a favorite pie though – they are all good.

  4. laurakvasnosky

    It is so fun to learn about these ways to inspire a drawing. Thanks!

  5. What talent you have Julie, and thanks for the inspirational drawing prompts! So glad you’re sharing your art with the world.

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