For the past six years I’ve made a calendar which I sell to raise money for the ACLU.

This year’s image includes a crocodockle snapping at the American Eagle.

I have never seen a crocodile in real life, but they populate my imagination.

On the Go , collage, J. Paschkis

I call mine crocodockles because they are inaccurate representations of the noble lizard Crocodylus.

Crocodockles can be scary

Illustration from Artist’s Book ALPHABABBLE by J.Paschkis, bound by Claudia Cohen, Two Ponds Press

but they like to go to parties.

Collage, J. Paschkis

They can help point the way

Ms. Weathervane, ink and gouache, J. Paschkis

or lie below the surface unhelpfully.

Voyage, Ink and Gouache, J. Paschkis

Some crocodockles like eating chickens

and some crocodockles prefer the taste of words.

Illustration from ZigZag, by J. Paschkis coming soon from Enchanted Lion Book

If you would like to order a crocodilian calendar please click here. They cost $15 each: all $15 goes to the ACLU.

Hurry before they are all snapped up!

Aurinko by J.Paschkis, ink and gouache

Thank you.

Julie Paschkis

p.s. I am not the only crocodile enthusiast. Here is a link to a wonderful blog post by Andrea Immel about crocodiles in children’s books.

What Crocodiles Eat for Dinner Besides Clocks, Pirate Captains, and Elephants’ Children

9 responses to “Crocodockle

  1. No link to the calendar purchase page, Julie. I’m sure I can find it but you should fix the link. Love this calendar!


  2. Absolutely, spectacularly delightful and wondrous!!!!!
    Thank you for ALL the images you create and the donations you make to very important things.

  3. Now, these are some fantastic crocs, alone or surrounded in splendor.

  4. Julie, I’m thrilled that a relative of The Hungry Crocodile has a starring role on your 2023 ACLU calendar. I ordered fast this year because last year the calendars were sold out before I ordered mine. And I’m looking forward to ordering ZigZag with its featured crocodockle as soon as you share the info. Congratulations!

  5. What a fun post. Makes me smile ear to ear…

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