Wonderful Oaxaca

I’ve been in Oaxaca, Mexico, for the last month, enjoying the blue skies, the temperate weather, the delicious food, and the unseasonal (for anyone used to gray winters in the Pacific Northwest) bursts of color. When I’m writing poetry for adults, I get a bit cerebral; writing for children, I allow a little more room for the senses. But Oaxaca reminds me that writing almost always broadens and deepens its effect when it evokes one or more of the five senses. Here are photos from my trip – not over yet! – that involve sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. In Oaxaca, I wake up and tell myself each morning to use my eyes, my nose, my fingers, my ears, my tongue!

A Guayacan tree...

9 responses to “Wonderful Oaxaca

  1. Gorgeous photos – so much color & pattern! Have a great rest-of-your-trip!

  2. Oh wow! Fabulous photos! You have caught the colors and details that bewitch so many, and bring them back to Oaxaca year after year.

  3. Tim and I used to spend time there every winter until the pandemic. Your photos capture the spirit beautifully and have made us miss it all the more. It is a perfect place for images and words. Wish we were there to join you!

  4. Love all the patterns!

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