Have Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is often considered a holiday for couples.

Okay. That is fine, but it should also be a holiday to spread love around more generally.

Share your heart with your brothers-sisters-cousins-children-stepchildren-nieces-nephews-Mama-Papa- old friends – new friends and neighbors. Share it with the friendly person at the grocery store, with the bus driver who waited an extra second, with the vendor in the rain at the farmer’s market.

Share your heart with whoever or whatever makes you happy.

Let your heart take a walk.

Share your heart even when it is a misguided or bad idea.

The heart is a muscle and gets stronger with use.

Share your heart with strangers who need it. All Hands and Hearts is a volunteer powered organization where you can donate to a Turkish earthquake relief fund HERE.

Share your heart with flowers and at all hours.

Share your heart with yourself.

Have Heart!

yours truly,

Julie Paschkis

P.S. All of the pictures on this post are heart images I’ve made over the years -papercuts and ink and gouache paintings.

And as usual there are free coloring pages that you can download by clicking HERE. The theme of the new pages is….

12 responses to “Have Heart

  1. A perfect post for today. Thanks, Julie!

  2. Your posts continue to give me joy throughout the years❣️Thank you ever so much.

  3. love love love
    love is all there is…

  4. Cathy Ballou Mealey

  5. Thank you for your beautiful art you’ve shared so freely over the years. It always makes my heart sing!

  6. Thanks for all the visual joy on Valentine’s Day!

  7. Thank you, Julie for sharing all of your happy hearts! Especially the Lion-hearted!

  8. Roberta Brown Root

    Thank you, Julie, for this perfect Valentine.

  9. love love love! Thanks for sharing the love Julie!

  10. Fills me with good feelings, warming my heart and soul.

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