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Artists work with line, shape, color and texture. It can be hard to pull those elements apart.

Toni Yuly illustration from Gracias Abejas

Where does shape end and color begin?

Edouard Vuillard

When a shape is right it dances.

Suzy Lee

A shape can be positive or negative (i.e. created by the space around it.)

Ben Shahn

Ben Shahn

A well drawn shape gets to the essence of things, eliminating detail.

Lois Ehlert

Dick Bruna

Bill Traylor

With compression and distortion a shape can convey movement. Exaggeration makes it more active (and more delightful).

Bill Traylor

Margaret Chodos-Irvine – detail from Where Lily Isn’t

Mayumi Oda

As it moves toward abstraction a shape is enlivened by what is real.

Matisse papercut

Henri Matisse

Salud – here’s to this shapely world!

Bill Traylor

Bjorn Wiinblad

Mayumi Oda


This is a good time of the year for sweets, so here are some sweets for your eyes. Bilibin painted this Tsar’s cake.

bilibin feast cake

For a lighter confection, perhaps a trip to Vienna is in order. A friend gave me a book about Demel, the famous bakery there.

demel book coverThe book includes photographs of the bakery displays and of confections.

demel cookie

demel theater

demel boat and cakes

It also includes these drawings (and many more).

familie confect

baron petit four demel

The Demel book inspired me when I was working on Apple Cake.  The Demel drawings also reminded me of some confections by other artists. This character is by Anita Lobel.

anita lobel lollipops

From the Danish artist Bjorn Wiinblad:

Bjorn Wiinblad Praline

wiinblad poster

And from Andy Warhol:

warhol ice cream dessert

I hope that you have a December full of pastries, mit schlag. You can start with a slice of this cake from Alois Carigiet.

carigiet cake