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Fresh From the Oven

Cookie Jar front cover

One hand
in the cookie jar
takes a cookie out.
How many put the cookie in
is what the world’s about.

When I first read the manuscript for Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? I was hungry to illustrate it. It is rhythmic and rhyming. I love to bake and eat cookies. George is a witty, warm and wonderful person and I wanted to work with him. But most of all I was drawn to the underlying meaning of the book: that every person’s contributions matter. As George put it, the book is an ode to the widest sense of community.

paschkis cookie jar illustration

When I considered what this book should look like I thought of the WPA posters of the 1940’s. They were created to convey a message of community simply, powerfully and with graphic strength. I also looked at the works of Grant Wood because of their optimism and apparent lack of irony. WPA-Poster-1  WPA posterwpa postergrant wood landscapeWhen I illustrate a book I always start by painting one finished illustration, before drawing any of the sketches. This was the first painting:paschkis cookie jar illustrationAll of the other paintings grew out of that “seed”painting.Paschkis cookie jar illustrationpaschkis cookie jar illustrationpaschkis cookie jar illustrationGeorge’s text shows the joy that comes through doing work and being part of something bigger than yourself. I found that joy in working  on these paintings. Of course, any book about cookies must start and end by eating cookies. Please join us for a celebration at Eagle Harbor Books on April 14th from 3-4 PM.paschkis cookie jar illustration