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Quilt Pieces

A few years ago I began designing fabric for quilt makers. I looked at a lot of quilts for inspiration. The old quilts were especially beautiful and I wondered what stories they  told. If they could only talk they would tell me. That thought inspired my new book which comes out next week from Peachtree:
Mooshka – A Quilt Story.

My mother used to call leftover bits of fabric schnitz, or schnitzerle. This post is about the family schnitz that were used to create this book.

This is a photo of my younger sister Karla when she was in kindergarten.

And here is Karla sleeping under Mooshka in the book.

Here is my Great Aunt Marjorie in 1917.

This is how I imagined her as a child telling fortunes.Marjorie telling fortunes

Here is the wedding photo of Lily and William Powell in 1887. I had never seen this picture until last week but I had heard the story of his proposal many times.

And here is his proposal in the book.

All books are pieced together with bits of fact and fiction, with many people helping to stitch. That metaphor feels especially pertinent to this book. Thank you to all of the stitchers and stories that helped make Mooshka.

Here’s a photo of Karla and me working on a first draft in about 1964.

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