Books by Bonny Becker

Bonny’s books can be purchased through Powell’s or or at your local independent bookstore.

4 responses to “Books by Bonny Becker

  1. Bonny,
    Are there stuffed animal toys of Bear and Mouse available for purchase? I am going to design a library orientation lesson for my students around A Library Book for Bear. They would love to have the stuffies in the library! And so would I!

    • Allison, this is so after-the-fact that I don’t know if you’ll see it–my apologies, but I wasn’t aware this comment was here! However, to answer your question although there was a plush Mouse and Bear toy, it’s not longer being made. You might be able to find one on e-Bay. Thanks for asking!

  2. Bonny, I am a storyteller, and I have used your stories for my kinder classes and for my autistic lab classes who are mostly in the younger grades. I first started with just a Visitor for Bear and then continued on. It helps with memory (description of the little, gray bright-eyed mouse, the tap, tap, tapping, etc. Is there going to be yet another Bear and Mouse story? When I found your books for this age group I was absolutely enthralled! I have other favorite authors and books and stories — but these characters are wonderful for the younger students to teach about friendships. Thanks — Judy, a 70-yr old storyteller.

  3. Dear Ms. Becker,

    I am a 12 year old girl from Vancouver. At the end on this school year, our teacher asked us to turn our favourite children’s story into an audiobook. I was wondering if I could use your book, The Sniffles For Bear. I love the book. The project is sort of our teachers take on fan fiction. Thank you for your time.

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