Books by Bonny Becker

Bonny’s books can be purchased through Powell’s or or at your local independent bookstore.

7 responses to “Books by Bonny Becker

  1. Bonny,
    Are there stuffed animal toys of Bear and Mouse available for purchase? I am going to design a library orientation lesson for my students around A Library Book for Bear. They would love to have the stuffies in the library! And so would I!

    • Allison, this is so after-the-fact that I don’t know if you’ll see it–my apologies, but I wasn’t aware this comment was here! However, to answer your question although there was a plush Mouse and Bear toy, it’s not longer being made. You might be able to find one on e-Bay. Thanks for asking!

  2. Bonny, I am a storyteller, and I have used your stories for my kinder classes and for my autistic lab classes who are mostly in the younger grades. I first started with just a Visitor for Bear and then continued on. It helps with memory (description of the little, gray bright-eyed mouse, the tap, tap, tapping, etc. Is there going to be yet another Bear and Mouse story? When I found your books for this age group I was absolutely enthralled! I have other favorite authors and books and stories — but these characters are wonderful for the younger students to teach about friendships. Thanks — Judy, a 70-yr old storyteller.

  3. Dear Ms. Becker,

    I am a 12 year old girl from Vancouver. At the end on this school year, our teacher asked us to turn our favourite children’s story into an audiobook. I was wondering if I could use your book, The Sniffles For Bear. I love the book. The project is sort of our teachers take on fan fiction. Thank you for your time.

  4. Dear Mrs Becker
    Classes from our city of Les Pavillons Sous Bois in France took part in a literary prize and elected as best album:”A Visitor for Bear” (“L’Ours et l’Enquiquineuse” in french)
    Could you send them a little mail to introduce yourself and talk about your book?
    Students would be happy to read you and know that you were delighted with their choice
    Thank you very much
    Pascale COLTIER

  5. Ashley McCaig-Amezquita

    We have just discovered the mouse and bear books. It was my son’s 5th birthday on November 12th so we were at the library looking for books about birthdays. Came across a birthday for bear he loved it so much we looked for more bear and mouse books. We read everyone the next day. They are on repeat in our home and wanted to know if there will be anymore bear and mouse books? Please write more adventures for these adorable two!

  6. Thanks Bonnie! I got your ‘The Christmas Crocodile” out of the public library more than 20 years ago and loved it so much that I bought my own copy and made an audio tape as well. It’s been a Christmas read classic to my children for much of their childhood. As I was doing my tremendous task of packing up this Christmas, I couldn’t resist doing a performance read yet again, even though it was only an audience of one, myself. I even remembered all the voices and quirks of the text! So thanks for being an unknowing participant in my family’s Christmas all these years!

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