Books by Julie Larios

Julie’s books can be purchased through Powell’s , ,, or your local independent bookstore. 
Delicious: Poems Celebrating Street Food Around the World. Illustrated by Julie Paschkis.

Eek! A Noisy Journey from A to Z by Julie Larios and Julie Paschkis. Illustrated by Julie Paschkis.

2 responses to “Books by Julie Larios

  1. Haven’t read-viewed Julie Larios’ books. Because I have enjoyed the illustrations by artist-author Julie Pachkis-I will look at our library for MS. Larios’ works. Like the one ttle Imaginary Menagerie. We have a house full of animals 7 in number that is really a zoo menagerie and the abandoned kitten has raised the growling noise to the highest decibel. Best wishes. Mrs. ATK

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