Finding Spring

We’re behind most of the rest of the country. Spring is only just now reaching the Northwest and recently I browsed through my collection of images of books in art looking for something seasonal.

I have a lot of winter weather images: cozy fires and cups of tea and snow outside the window. A lot of fall images: leaves falling or flying in the wind, pages turning into leaves or leaves turning into pages. And plenty of summer images: summer beach reading, lazing with a book in a hammock, a kid in the deep shadow of a tree absorbed in a book. But I was surprised to find there weren’t that many images that evoked spring.

I found a few that definitely say spring:

Illustration by Josée Bisaillon

Illustration by Selcuk Demirel

Illustration by Yuki Shimizu

And then there were ones that just felt like spring; I think mostly because of their colors. Either way, it’s great to see the cherry trees blooming, the daffodils and crocuses and early tulips coming up and that lovely fuzz of early green on the trees.

Illustration by Memoo

Illustration by Lilly Piri

Not sure if these are spring flowers. Our Books Around the Table gardener, Laura Kvasnosky has a much, much better sense than I of when certain flowers come out–so she’ll have to excuse me if I’ve gotten the season wrong!

Illustration by Mila Marquis

Illustration by Alessandra Vitelli

Illustration by Jeff Woo

Okay this one is probably summer, but that thrilled dog feels like me walking out the door, suddenly feelings light and easy without my winter coat and boots!

3 responses to “Finding Spring

  1. laurakvasnosky

    what wonderful images of spring! I especially love the flowers growing on top of the umbrella. In the last week my garden has really started to bloom: we are way past snow drops now to trilliums, trout lilies, daffodils and the early camellias. Best of all is the Daphne that you guys gave me when my mom died that is blooming exiberantly by our front door and wafts its wonderful fragrance each time we come in and out.

  2. These images are lovely. Whenever I want a litlle spring, I read Julie Fogliano’s And Then Its Spring, illus. by Erin Stead. It cheers me up. The image, here, of flowers growing from a book reminds me of Joyce Sidman’s The Girl Who Drew Butterflies. And I also love the image of the flowers springing from the top of the umbrella. So playful!

  3. Thanks, Julianne. I’ll have to check out both those books.

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