Gwen White’s Book of Toys

Book of toys038

While researching for my last post, Gwen White’s Pictorial Perspective, I discovered that she had written and illustrated other books as well. That led to research into whether I could buy any of them. Most were not available or beyond my budget, but I did find one copy of White’s A Book of Toys that was affordable. Gwen White and toys. I bought it based on that combination, and the cover, without knowing anything about the interior contents.

Book of toys037

I am happy to report that the book is as wonderful as I’d hoped. The images are simple and grand at the same time. The writing is straightforward yet playful. This is part of our heritage as children’s book illustrators and authors.

I want to share it with you here and I couldn’t decide what to leave out so I have scanned the entire book. It feels an appropriate companion piece to my earlier posts on A Book of Pictorial Perspective and Folk Toys -les jouets populaires

Book of toys003Book of toys036Book of toys004Book of toys005Book of toys006Book of toys008Book of toys009Book of toys010Book of toys011Book of toys012Book of toys013Book of toys014Book of toys015Book of toys016Book of toys017Book of toys018Book of toys019Book of toys020Book of toys021Book of toys022Book of toys023Book of toys024Book of toys025Book of toys026Book of toys028Book of toys029Book of toys030Book of toys031Book of toys032Book of toys033Book of toys034

I may have to go back to the London Museum and Kensington palace to see if any of the toys White has illustrated are still on exhibit. The museum at Bethnal Green is now the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood which I wrote about here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this little book as much as I have.

(Maybe you figured this out already, but the Penguins on the cover aren’t just toys. The publisher is Penguin and the book is part of a King Penguin Books series)

Book of toys035

14 responses to “Gwen White’s Book of Toys

  1. I’ve been focused on puppet theaters lately. I love this book of toys. someone once called my sculptures non toys

  2. ps. I love this blog so much. I look forward to it

  3. What a charming book! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. That’s wonderful! Thank you so much.

  5. Love this book, would make a wonderful present.

  6. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia

    Thanks for sharing with us and rescuing this charming book from the “book graveyard”, where all out of print books go to wither and die! The pictures are blissful, but I must say the “voice” of the author Gwen White reminds me strangely of Enid Blyton – that same slightly condescending, prim and proper British nanny tone! Children’s authors really talked down to kids in the 1940s, didn’t they? We had to wait for the 1960s before we could sense that the authors were actually on the side of the children they were supposed to be writing for.

  7. Wow! Beautiful illustrations! Love the walk through the centuries, the guessing, the shared information about the toys. Very cool! Thanks for posting!

  8. What glorious classic shapes and colors. A treasure to study!

  9. I can see why you are a Gwen White fan — so much better than the modern Visual Dictionary. I’m wondering if Julie found these toys in Prague!

  10. Hi Margaret,

    I stumbled across your blog when trying to track down the estate of Gwen White. I don’t suppose you’ve any clues as to where I might find her family?

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