So Many Books, Just the Right Amount of Time

Is there anything more luxurious than summertime reading. A long summer day, a world before you on the page; the time to look up, half seeing the world around you, half still in the dream. As a child it was easy to slip into that world for hours at a time. There was so much time and grown ups to make sure the world kept on spinning. It’s harder as an adult to experience the true luxury of summertime reading, but sometimes things fall in place.

Right now I’m at Long Beach, WA. The ocean is rolling in outside my window.

I have a well-stocked bookshelf. Someone else’s choices to explore, which I love to do.

Not to mention the three  books I brought along with my Kindle.

It feels like the day can unfold at its leisure. I can read a bit, stare a bit, think a bit. Read some more. Perfect.

Here from my collection of images of books in art is how summertime reading  feels.

Illustration by Chris Gall


Illustration by Kurt Solmssen


Photo by Hesham Alhumaid


Illustration by Susan Estelle Kwas


Illustration by Rita C. Ford


Illustration by Elsa Jenna


Illustration by Eugeni Balakshin

6 responses to “So Many Books, Just the Right Amount of Time

  1. I know just what you mean, having spent the morning lolling in a book.
    AND CONGRATS are due to you for The Frightful Ride of Michael McMichael getting nominated for a Washington State Book award!

  2. “…read a bit, stare a bit, think a bit” – that is so true for so many of us. Love the images. Thanks, Bonny. And my congratulations, too, on the nomination!!

  3. Thanks, Julie. Managed to get through two of my three books. Several naps and walks and, oh, yeah, eating stuff intervened.

  4. Bonney, Your post took me away to the best summer day. Tell us please, how do you store or retain your collections of images? They are collections of wonder.

  5. Thanks, Rae! I get them off the Internet, sometimes I run across them, other times I go searching. Then I save the image to a word document giving it a title and noting the artist so I can easily scroll through them. And I save a jpg. of the image in my pictures, so I can use a jpg. for posting online.

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