Books Across the Ocean

Edward Bawden tote bagFaithful readers of this blog will know that I was in London last week, along with my husband Joe. We stayed with Margaret, Bradley and Clare. They were generous hosts and brilliant guides.IMG_0270They fed our stomachs, eyes, hearts and minds.IMG_0324It will take a while to digest everything!IMG_0463We saw so much, including many wonderful old and new books.IMG_0194Here are a few book covers and illustrations from the trip.

IMG_0141Older:bestiariumNewish birds from Edward Bawden (1903-1989):Edward BawdenAnd cats, also from Edward Bawden:Edward BawdenEdward BawdenEdward BawdenWe took a side trip to Amsterdam where we saw some volksvertelsels (folk tales). Old…books in Amsterdamand new (Beautiful Griselda illustrated by Isol):GriseldeHere are images from De Direntoen: a Netherlands edition of a book by André Hellé called Drôles de Bêtes, originally published in 1911 in Paris.andre helleandre helle IMG_0200andre helleandre helleandre helleandre helleBack in London: old games at the Sunbury Flea Market.IMG_0444IMG_0421 (1)IMG_0413 (1)This is just a taste of what we saw. Right now I am feeling jet-lagged, but replete.Bawden backwardsHow many miles to London town?
Four score and ten.
Can you get there by candle light?
Aye – and back again.Museum of childhood V and A

17 responses to “Books Across the Ocean

  1. Lovely! I especially like the illustration of de krokodil.

  2. I was also caught by the crocodile! And also, of course, the Book of Beasts. And the Andre Helle! Beautiful edition.

  3. Julie, it made me feel good just to look at this!
    I want to open up Wren’s City Churches.!

  4. Before I had even finished scrolling, that first Hellé had me searching – thank you!!!:

  5. I had the most fun with the Ostrich–first of all, rollling “struisvogel” around on my tongue– and then trying to figure out what the text meant, since I know no Dutch.

  6. Thanks for the link, Julie. I love the book covers….

  7. A feast. Thanks, Julie!

  8. Deirdre O'Sullivan from Australia

    I thought the 3rd image from the top – the theatre scene – was sheer bliss! Could you please tell me what it actually is? Is it from a kids’ book, or is it an old toy theatre? (I collect these!)
    Thanks, Julie – you have an excellent eye for the quirky and colourful!

    • Thank you! That image was an old toy theatre at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. The last image in the blog (with a mermaid) was also an old toy theatre. It was at the V & A Museum of Childhood in London. They had several really neat ones.

  9. oooh! That was fun! My all-time favorite Dutch artist is Henriette Willebeek Le Mair. I have the Baby Diary put out by Philomel Books.

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